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Why Organize?

Remember, you were attending a call and when asked to note down a number, you neither had a notepad nor a pen/pencil in front of you. You asked for ‘a minute’ and spent obviously more than 5 minutes to look for a spare piece of paper and pen, and you finally settled for an old visiting card and a broken pencil.

Embarrassing, isn’t it?


Apart from embarrassment, a few other side effects of unorganised spaces are lack of time, low productivity, reduced focus, high stress levels and anxiety. Whereas, effective organisation helps you save time, space, money and bring in calm, composure and comfort in your life.

If we were to ask ourselves – Is my physical space organised? Most of us are likely to answer yes!


But, organisation goes beyond placing items in an orderly manner. Before arranging items, we must decide what to keep and what to discard. It’s about giving each item a 'home' to be in, a resting place that becomes its own. Therefore the important aspect of organizing is to return the item to it’s home when the task is completed just like how we return to our own home after a hard days work to rest and sleep.


So, “If you made time to take it out, make time to put it back”


Believe it or not, organized surroundings affect your mental and physical state in ways you can’t imagine. From having more time for family to creating a stress free life, organization contributes to happier living.


And as Benjamin Franklin said,

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”


Organize #theJFway and reclaim those hours in your life.

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