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What is Clutter?

Call it mess, chaos or disorder, clutter constitutes a big portion of the negative space around us. Right from tangled wires to that old music system lying idle, it’s all clutter that in no way contributes to establishing a comfortable atmosphere or Hygge  for us.

We all have well-kept houses, organized and neat on the surface, but its only after we start opening our lofts, stores, kitchen cabinets, unused drawers, cupboards, trunks, unused suitcases and bed boxes, that we open our life to clutter. More often than not, clutter is hidden in the most unobvious of places that are invisible to the eye.


A bigger problem than clutter itself is the lethargy to undertake a decluttering exercise.

Clutter starts from one item being kept in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon, that item becomes a pile

and then it becomes a pain – or burden, in worst case scenario.


Clutter behaves like our morning alarm clock, we wake up, but refuse to get out of bed – we see the mess around, regret, but don’t take appropriate steps for obvious reasons.

This physical clutter not just occupies space, but also reminds us of ‘something to be done’ with

a constant feeling of guilt. 


Simply put,

"Later is the best friend of Clutter" - Peter Walsh


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