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Our Packages

At Joy Factory, our aim is to make decluttering and organizing as exciting and fulfilling a journey as possible. And so we offer a variety of packages to ease your decluttering process. These packages are designed such that categories can be dealt with separately and as per the clients' requirement. 

Current Season Wardrobe Refresh

This package will provide one afternoon of support to transform your current season wardrobe into one that brings you joy. The C2S2 Method along with the KonMari Method will be applied to leave your wardrobe looking refreshed.

Number of Sessions - 1 (3 hours)

All Seasons Wardrobe Refresh

During the All Seasons Wardrobe Refresh, you will notice a sustainable change as we will help you banish your clutter all at once and only retain those items in your complete wardrobe that Spark Joy!

Number of Sessions - 2 (6 hours)

Kitchen Detox

Decluttering and organizing the kitchen can be stressful and that's where we come in! Over two days, we will make sure that your kitchen is overhauled into a place of complete Joy!

Number of Sessions - 2 (10 hours)

Books & Papers Re-store

Letting go of books doesn't mean you are letting go of information. Instead, you are only creating space for fresh information. At Joy Factory, we help you create space for the new, while discarding the old with gratitude. At the end of two sessions, you will be welcomed to a space that truly Sparks Joy!

Number of Sessions - 2 (6 hours)

The Parents Edit

Your superheroes don't need a day to be celebrated, after all, they play multiple roles in your life - Everyday! 

Gift your mother / father/ parents our life changing tidying session that will transform their days to come! Customized to their need, The Parents Edit starts from a minimum of two sessions spanning over six hours.

Number of Sessions - Minimum 2 (6 hours)

Digital Detox 

Don't underestimate the power of a decluttered device! 

The fresh, enjoyable and productive experience outweighs the time investment required. 

With Joy Factory's Digital Detox package, you can experience a complete new outlook to a digital life! 

Number of Sessions - 1 (3 hours)

Kids' "Tidy Up" Time

Start them young and watch them grow into

organized individuals!

We work together with children and their parents to help them tidy up toys, books and clothes. Trust us, organization will no longer be a chore for your child with Joy Factory's Kids' "Tidy Up" Time package.

Number of Sessions - Minimum 2 (6 hours)

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Please note these additional services are not the original KonMari Method™, but a personally-developed service that is inspired by the KonMari Method™. The designation of "KonMari Consultant" is awarded solely for home-visiting lessons.

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