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What we offer

At Joy Factory, we bring high level professionalism in decluttering by offering effective and streamlined approaches customized for every client and her/his space.

The JF Journey

You give us a call

We visit your premises

We share customized plans

We carry out the decluttering & organizing with you

The JF Services

The Consultation Approach

This approach is spread over two one-on-one interactions with the client, wherein we visit the premises, formulate customized plans and impart training in unique decluttering and organizing techniques. 


Each of these joyful sessions range between 3-5 hours at a time. Through our training, we ensure that our clients become conversant in the process so as to carry it out themselves and experience the

grand decluttering delight.

The Wholesome Approach

This approach is an in-depth one where we do a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ decluttering requirements. Basis this, we develop tailor-made plans and schedule a number of sessions to deliver all-round decluttering. Each of the sessions range between 3-5 hours at a time. 

Here, we accompany our clients throughout their declutter journey while exchanging stories, making confessions and creating memories, so as to give them a joyful experience.


We are skilled at providing in-person workshops, interacting with a group of individuals taking them through our homegrown C2S2 approach along with The KonMari Method™ of decluttering and organizing. 

Our workshops are well structured, covering every essential point of our methodology, and last for a period of 60 minutes. We also customize our workshops basis the audience and requirement of the client.  

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Please note these additional services are not the original KonMari Method™, but a personally-developed service that is inspired by the KonMari Method™. The designation of "KonMari Consultant" is awarded solely for home-visiting lessons.

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